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…Lovelight Pixels Term of use…

Abbreviated version

No sharing, & no copying.
Link logo to LLP within a week.
No tubing without license.
No Live Journal usage without registration.
Give credit where tubes are displayed.
Sig tags & Other Goodies are for your use only.


If you place limits on me, you are limited to the same at my site.
If your tube license is only good for one site then my tube license is only good for one site/members area/club etc.

If you add a special character license I should get it automatically, LLP only requires a tube license that is included with the one time fee membership, or purchased separately for those who joined before the change to one time memberships.

…Lovelight Pixels Term of Use in Depth…

First and foremost have fun and enjoy yourself.

No As-Is use permitted at any time, even if you have an As-Is license from the creator of lines found here at LLP, using lines/bases from LLP to sell As-Is tubes will result in your membership being terminated, no questions asked.


Any discount found inside the members area is for your use only, not to be shared with family or friends. Any misuse will lead to your membership being canceled.


Please have the LLP logo on your site within one week of receiving them, give credit on web sites, portal pages, stats, etc where LLP tubes are used. No refunds will be issued, samples, and terms are clearly defined as with all digital goods.
*Membership logos are available inside the members area.

Giving Credit

You must provide a working link back to LLP where your graphics are being displayed, for example, when offering sigtags for order, you should place a link underneath the image (not at the bottom of the page), pointing to a list of your memberships does not count.


Lineart cannot be tubed unless you purchase a tube license. Tube license’s should be displayed with all tube packs, and linked back to LLP. Lineart must be shaded/pixeled before being added to a members area or sold.
Do not add to, edit lineart or frakendoll any lines. Do not claim them as your own, add to your site, send through msn/yahoo groups, or share with anyone. Violators will have their membership terminated.

Live Journal/Social Site Usage.

Live journal and social site usage is allowed for registered sites only. There is a one time fee of $25 for registration effective 01/01/2013. Sites or users with permission will be listed on the site with their license number.


You must stay subscribed to the email/newsletter feature in amember, this is how I choose to contact you and notify you of updates. If found to be unsubscribed I will lock your account until you contact me, at which time you can either stay subscribed to emails or have your membership put on hold. Your choice, this includes bouncing emails/dead email accounts 🙂

Recolor Licence

Your members or purchasers of your tube packs can not recolor tubes made from lines or bases found at LLP. That means, you cannot offer a recolor license for tubes made with lines or bases found here at LLP.


You may gift your friends/family two tags weekly from the member area using Quick Tag. Any limited or special tag are for you and you only, not for friends, groups etc. Link back all tags or adoptable’s to LLP, when on your site, you must utilize the following scripts: Disable image toolbar, Disable Text Selection, & No Right Click.


You may tube and sell your results from the tutorials I have created or created for me. You may not use these tutorials to teach others the techniques that I am sharing with you. You may not gray scale your results from my tutorials and sell as an outline, with asis, or as a special character. There is no gray-scaling of anything allowed at this site.

Any HTML or PHP tutorials are for your use only the scripts are not to be shared/passed around in groups, etc.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me personally.


No Member Area Username/password sharing! Anyone found to be sharing access to the members area for any reason will have their membership terminated. You pick your own username and password, so there is no need to use another’s login info.

Refusal of Membership

Lovelight Pixels reserves the right to refuse membership to any person for whatever reason deemed necessary. Membership fees will be refunded promptly if access was not granted to the members area. In the event the membership was a gift or a winning then LLP is not responsible for any monetary compensation.

Quick Tag

You may only use Quick Tag on the licensed domains for which you purchased licenses. No HTML support is included, that includes editing or setting up forms. By accepting these terms you have checked your server/host and found all requirements have been met.


If we trade, I expect to receive all licenses you have currently or in the future, meaning, tube, special character, base, etc. I choose to only have a tube license, with no additional special character or tube license. So you would get access to 100% of the content and it would not be fair to me if I did not get the same access. – When considering trades I do take into count the number of updates, during trades, I will take your past into account too, I don’t
hold people to the same updates as I do, as I often have numerous monthly. I do, however, ask that you do not hold me to a set number of updates per month/year as I will not do that to you. If you require such then please don’t ask for a trade, to me a trade is like a traditional membership, you are paying for what is already in my members area.

Any violations of these terms may result in immediate termination of membership.

If I ever choose to close Lovelight Pixels, there will not be any refunds, and advanced notice will be offered but I will not be held liable if you do not check your mail in a timely manner.

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