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If you know me, you know I’ve struggled and fought Cancer since I was 13. It came back in 2012, and I have been sick since. On April 8th, I am going to have a double mastectomy and as much as Cancer is a part of my life, I want to help spread awareness for others, and let others know they are not alone. That we are not being dealt a death sentence, that life does go on. We have to struggle, we have to fight to get out of bed every day, but life is worth living.

I’m going to be doing a lot of special things, some free and some are for purchase, starting now I’m selling blinkies made with lines I shaded from Rosey Posey Pixels. I will be adding more phrases and Cancers as my health permits. If you would like to see additional phrases or specific Cancers before I get them added please let me know.

All funds raised will be going to a special fund for my mastectomy. I will be having it done at the hospital where I live and a private plastic surgeon will be assisting and I will have to pay 20%, on top of my existing medical bills.

Please be patient, I have some good days but I have some bad days too, I will try and get all orders out in less than 24 hours but it may take 48 or more hours sometimes.

Scruffi – $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00

Scruffi "Think Pink"

Scruffi “Think Pink”

Scruffi Breast Cancer Awareness

Scruffi Breast Cancer Awareness

Scruffi "Think Teal"

Scruffi “Think Teal”

Scruffi Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Scruffi Ovarian Cancer Awareness

To order, please PayPal your payment with the following info to shenpixel (at) gmail.com:

Email address:
Which blinkie(s) would you like:

Scruffi lines by Rosey Posey Pixels, Blinkie boxes by Pixel Addix, Ribbon line by Museni.

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